01. Be careful when you're driving the truck so that the load doesn't [shift].
02. You should [shift] your weight onto your front leg as you follow through on your slapshot.
03. Public opinion regarding the rights of homosexuals has [shifted] a great deal over the last 20 years.
04. Don't [shift] gears when you are going through an intersection.
05. Steve works 12-hour [shifts] in his job as an airport fireman.
06. The crowd was getting restless, and people started [shifting] in their seats.
07. Political support in the country has [shifted] somewhat to the center due to recent major scandals affecting members of the right-wing party.
08. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that the winds of the heavens [shift] suddenly, and so does human fate.
09. Over time, the world's human population has [shifted] from rural to urban areas.
10. There is an Afghan proverb which notes that as the sun's shadow [shifts], so there is no permanence on Earth.
11. Lisa Alther once remarked, "What a surprise to find you could [shift] the contents of your head like rearranging furniture in a room."
12. Because its eyeball is fixed, the whale must move its huge body to [shift] its line of sight.
13. A car that [shifts] manually gets 2 miles more per gallon of gas than an automatic.
14. Although most Pakistanis live in villages, in the last three decades the population has [shifted] towards the major cities.
15. In the 1980s and 90s, Thailand [shifted] its emphasis from agricultural to industrial production.
16. The islands of Fiji are characterized by white sandy beaches, spectacular rainforests, [shifting] sand dunes, and beautiful wildlife.
17. The [shifting] sands of the desert in some parts of Egypt can make for a difficult and dangerous crossing.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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